Oola + Young Living =

Even better together


The New Way to share Essential Oils

Imagine A New Way To Grow Your OGV

Tea is a consumable, and OolaTea is certified organic tea specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils to provide you with a healthy option for your daily routine. By educating your downline on the health benefits of drinking OolaTea, you are promoting the daily and continual use of the Young Living Vitality Line. 

Struggling To Fill Young Living Classes?

Are you finding it difficult to get people to attend your essential oil classes? Have they already said no to all the traditional ways to share your love of essential oils? It's time for an OolaTea party! Imagine a room full of friends drinking OolaTea, discussing life, and completing the experience by combining the Young Living Vitality line to your OolaTea to create a one-of-a-kind tea experience.

Not Ranking Up Fast Enough?

OolaTea is the only certified organic tea on the planet specifically formulated for essential oil infusion. There are 185 million daily tea drinkers in America, and a mind-blowing 87% of millennials drink tea. Want to rank up in your Young Living business? Tap into this growing trend in the health and wellness market, and grab your OolaTea below.

"The best part about OolaTea is the positive impact it's made on my Young Living business. My leaders are all sharing their love of essential oils through OolaTea." - Kerri Birkley

"I have lost the last 7 stubborn pounds and I saved $153.45 by switching from my morning Starbucks coffee to OolaTea."  - Becky Quigly