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Thank you for your OolaTea wholesale account submission. One of our OolaTea account representatives will be in touch with you within the next 24 - 48 hours to establish your wholesale account. Remember, all wholesale accounts must meet two criteria: 1) have a brick and mortar location, 2) orders must be over $1000 to receive wholesale pricing (50% off).

Sample orders:

Example 1: Coffee and Tea Shop in Denver, CO offering Black, Green, Red and Herbal teas:

  • Ordered three 50 counts for individual servings of Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Heart Smart Hibiscus, Vitality Rooibos

  • Ordered ten 14-count bags for their retail counter of Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, Heart Smart Hibiscus, Vitality Rooibos

Example 2: A high end Boutique in Bismarck, ND selling eight Dessert OolaTeas at checkout

  • Order twenty 14-count bags of Cozy (Cinnamon Coconut), Indulge (Mint Chocolate Chip), Peace (Cinnamon Chai), Boost (Berry Brûlée), Unwind (Lemon Lavender), Sunrise (Ginger Peach), Truffle (Chocolate Truffle) and Black Citrus (Spiced Orange)

Example 3: A Health and Wellness Clinic in San Antonio, TX selling seven Wellness OolaTeas in reception room with their nutritional products.

  • Ordered twenty 14-count bags of Detox (Dragon Clove), Energy (Peppermint Rush), Cleanse A.M. (Orange Cocoa Pu’er Infusion), Cleanse P.M. (Lemon Hibiscus Reboot), Lean (Ginger Pineapple), Burn (Mint Fusion), Defense (Turmeric Ginger Immunitea), and Tummy Tea (Star Anise Ginger Remedy)

This should give you a good guideline to start your order. your OolaTea Account Rep will be able to assist you further…Start shopping now: