OolaTea Detox Box

OolaTea Detox Box


The 14-Day Detox Challenge is designed to help you break addictions to sugar, coffee, and soda/energy drinks - while feeling healthier and losing weight. Dr. Dave Braun (the OolaSeeker) will personally guide you through the entire 14-day detox process to help you live a healthier and more vibrant OolaLife.

The OolaTea Detox Box (available for purchase below) includes everything you need to make your 14-Day Detox Challenge a success. The OolaTea Detox Box includes:

  • DETOX OolaTea (14ct)

  • ENERGY OolaTea (14ct)

  • Private14-Day Detox Challenge link

  • 14 videos of Dr. Dave guiding you through each day’s challenge

  • Bonus content (includes: recipes and video)

  • Exclusive 20% off code on your next OolaTea order

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