CBD HONEY PEARLS | Natural Honey Sweetener + CBD (7 packets)

Product image 1CBD HONEY PEARLS | Natural Honey Sweetener + CBD
Product image 2CBD HONEY PEARLS | Natural Honey Sweetener + CBD
Product image 3CBD HONEY PEARLS | Natural Honey Sweetener + CBD

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Includes: 7 individual CBD Honey Pearl packets.

Life gets busy. CBD Honey Pearls were created as a convenient and easy way to get a controlled 10mg dose of highly bioavailable, water-soluble CBD while on the go. Additionally, they provide the flexibility to add CBD to any beverage or food you choose. Simply pour and go.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Sugar, honey

CBD Honey Pearls Lab Report

With the laws changing and the demand for CBD high, the CBD world has become hyped up and noisy. Quality matters. Bioavailability and absorption matters. When you see high quantities of CBD and ridiculously low prices in the marketplace, run away.  Stick with companies and brands you can trust. Good companies have spent the money and done the work to get their products 3rd party tested. Also, trustworthy companies are happy to share their independent lab tests confirming key consumer information like: less than 0.3% THC (ours came through with ND "none detected.") and accurate CBD levels. Here is our report for this product:

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

CBD is an oil in its natural form. Our bodies are mostly water. Our Brains are 80% water, Cells are 90% water, and our blood is 85% water. In short, oil and water don’t mix. Benefits of water soluble CBD (vs. oil) are many, but the 3 most notable are:

Efficacy: increased bioavailability means increased absorption. Greater absorption means less CBD is required to get the desired effect.

Taste: to many, CBD oil has a foul and unpleasant taste. Water-soluble CBD is tasteless and odorless. By infusing water-soluble CBD into OolaTea, all you will taste is the amazing flavor of the perfectly paired natural tea blend.

Affordability: quality CBD is expensive. Many CBD oil companies recommend daily dosage can cost $700 – $1500+ a month! The reason they recommend so much CBD is because much of that CBD oil is not being absorbed (in some studies, as little as 6%) and is being passed through the body. Water-soluble CBD increases bioavailability which increases absorption, thereby reducing the cost to you.

What is bioavailability and why does it matter?

Bioavailability is the #1 thing that vitamin companies, pharmaceutical companies, nutraceutical & supplement companies work diligently to improve. In short, it doesn’t matter how much of a dietary supplement that you ingest, what matters is the amount you absorb and make available to your body. With the high cost of quality, this is especially true with CBD. Improved bioavailability means greater absorption. Greater absorption means more of the health benefits of CBD find their way into your body at a fraction of the dose of many of the CBD oils.


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