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Receive 3 of our most popular season-specific OolaTea flavors auto-shipped on the 3rd of each month at 40% off. Plus, members save 20% on all individual orders.

All new subscribers will receive our Welcome Box for Month 1 which includes our two most popular blends - ENERGY (Peppermint Rush) and DETOX (Dragon Clove). You will then hop on with everyone else and receive 3 of our most popular season specific OolaTea flavors for the following months.

Monthly subscriptions are automatically billed $29.99 on the 21st of each month ($27 box price + $2.99 shipping), and your subscription box will be shipped out on the 3rd of the following month. If you sign up for the monthly subscription before the end of the month, your first box will be shipped on the 3rd of the next month and you will be billed again on 21st of that next month for your following box.

Example: Purchased subscription on 7/1, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 
Example: Purchased subscription on 7/28, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 

Subscriber Benefits:

- 3 bags of our most popular OolaTea flavors each month, and they will be season specific.

- 20% off all individual orders

- $2.99 fixed-rate shipping on subscription boxes

- Each subscription box provides 3 meals to a child in need

- Unsubscribe at anytime

Upcoming flavors

November: Summer Dreamin'

BLACK CITRUS: Spiced Orange Delight: Naturally rich in antioxidants, BLACK CITRUS is a healthy way to start your day or the perfect option when looking for a natural energy boost. Add in the recommended orange essential oil to delight your senses and enhance this unique tea drinking experience. Paired with orange essential oil.*

SLEEP: Citrus Chamomile: Delicious, calming and naturally caffeine-free, Chamomile has earned its reputation as “nature’s medicine”. By adding organic hibiscus and infusing with orange peel, this blend is just one drop of Lemongrass essential oil away from completing the experience. This is the perfect tea to help unwind after a busy day and regain balance in your life. Paired with Lemongrass essential oil.*

BOOST: Berry Brûlée: Sip after sip, indulge yourself with this full-bodied organic black tea that is perfectly balanced with organic strawberries and blackberries. But don't let the sweet aroma and intense dessert flavor fool you. When paired with the recommended copaiba essential oil, this handcrafted tea will provide the necessary boost to clear your mind and prepare your body for the tasks at hand. Paired with Copaiba essential oil.*

December: 'Teas the Season

TRUFFLE: Chocolate Truffle: The rich notes of cacao nibs and a spicy kick of turmeric were infused to produce this well-rounded blend. Add nutmeg essential oil and you have the perfect morning pick me up or dessert tea to share with friends and family. Paired with Nutmeg essential oil.*

INDULGE: Mint Chocolate Chip: A guilt-free, zero-calorie dessert tea created to please your sweet tooth while warding off sugar cravings and suppressing your appetite. Enjoying this tea, with its subtle hint of chocolate and refreshing aroma of mint, will feel like an indulgence without the guilt of calories or sugar. Paired with Peppermint essential oil.*

COZY: Cinnamon Coconut Allure: This caffeine-free herbal blend combines the warmth of cocoa and coconut with a spark of ginger and cinnamon to offer you a moment of COZY whenever you want it. Add a couple drops of cinnamon bark essential oil and take your COZY to the next level. Paired with cinnamon bark essential oil.*

January: New Year, Healthier You

DETOX: Dragon Clove: Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and amino acids, and paired with the perfect clove-based essential oil*, this organic blend is ideal for those seeking better health, wellness and balance in an unbalanced world. Paired with clove-based essential oil.*

CLEANSE A.M.: Orange Cocoa Infusion: CLEANSE AM begins with the highest quality Pu-erh (poo-air) tea as a base - created by hand-selecting organic antioxidant-rich Camellia Sinensis leaves, then sun-drying, oxidizing, pressing and fermenting them for up to twelve months. This fermenting process builds up the healthy bacteria we need to restore proper gut biome and overall health. Next, CLEANSE AM adds powerful superfoods such as organic fennel, ginseng and cocoa to provide a second level of detoxification. Paired with orange essential oil.*

CLEANSE P.M.: Lemon Hibiscus Reboot: Designed to give your cells what they need to clean house, even while you sleep. Now, by adding carrot, lemongrass, hibiscus and lemon peel, this craft blend will not only blow away your taste buds, but it will support you as you cleanse and reboot your body from the inside out. Infuse with lemon essential oil to take this tea-drinking experience to the next level. Paired with Lemon essential oil.*

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