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Receive 3 of our most popular season-specific OolaTea flavors auto-shipped on the 3rd of each month at 40% off. Plus, members save 20% on all individual orders.

All new subscribers will receive our Welcome Box for Month 1 which includes our two most popular blends - ENERGY (Peppermint Rush) and DETOX (Dragon Clove). You will then hop on with everyone else and receive 3 of our most popular season specific OolaTea flavors for the following months.

Monthly subscriptions are automatically billed $29.99 on the 21st of each month ($27 box price + $2.99 shipping), and your subscription box will be shipped out on the 3rd of the following month. If you sign up for the monthly subscription before the end of the month, your first box will be shipped on the 3rd of the next month and you will be billed again on 21st of that next month for your following box.

Example: Purchased subscription on 7/1, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 
Example: Purchased subscription on 7/28, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 

Subscriber Benefits:

- 3 bags of our most popular OolaTea flavors each month, and they will be season specific.

- 20% off all individual orders

- $2.99 fixed-rate shipping on subscription boxes

- Each subscription box provides 3 meals to a child in need

- Unsubscribe at anytime

Upcoming flavors

May Tea Box

INDULGE: Mint Chocolate Chip: INDULGE is a healthy option packed with vital antioxidants and nutrients to help your body look and feel your best. By adding a single drop of peppermint essential oil, your mind drifts to childhood with memories of sharing mint chocolate chip ice cream with family and friends. Paired with peppermint essential oil.*

BALANCE: White Floral Essence: BALANCE is the yin to your yang - a moment of relaxation in the midst of a stressful day. This simple, clean and crisp white tea pairs perfectly with frankincense essential oil as the final touch to a more balanced day and life. Paired with frankincense essential oil.*

EARL GREY: Bergamot Black: Legend has it that Lord Grey added bergamot to his daily tea to cover-up the lime taste in the local water. No longer a tea reserved for Lords, this robust blend, with its crisp citrusy bouquet, is the perfect complement to a day filled with to-do lists, emails, and goals to be crushed. An excellent source of natural energy, by infusing this Earl Grey base with bergamot essential oil, you hold in your hand the healthy fuel you need to face the world and go make your OolaLife happen. Paired with bergamot essential oil.*

June Tea Box

BURN: Mint Fusion: This premium antioxidant-rich tea is packed with theophylline, a naturally occurring chemical that will provide long-lasting, sustained energy to keep you burning all day. Fresh spearmint and light, tangy lemongrass will welcome you on your first sip, and keep you coming back for more. Paired with black pepper essential oil.*

LEAN: Ginger Pineapple Crush: Organic ginger and pineapple combine to give this infusion a sweet aromatic pop that will awaken your taste buds. Add in a couple drops of lemon essential oil to set yourself up on a healthy daily routine toward a leaner you. Paired with a lemon essential oil.*

COFFEE BREAK: Chocolate Herbal Infusion: Is your daily drive-thru coffee addiction taking its toll on your body and wallet? Are you looking for a less acidic, less expensive, less caffeinated way to feed your craving? Introducing COFFEE BREAK - a robust, flavor-rich, organic herbal tea. Paired with cinnamon bark essential oil.*

July Tea Box

ENERGY: Peppermint Rush: This exclusive organic black tea provides the perfect base to pair with peppermint essential oil*. With the first sip, this bold combination creates a multi-sensory rush to invigorate the body and support the energy necessary to seize the day. Paired with peppermint essential oil.*

DETOX: Dragon Clove: Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and amino acids, and paired with the perfect clove-based essential oil*, this organic blend is ideal for those seeking better health, wellness and balance in an unbalanced world. Paired with a clove-based essential oil.*

GLOW: Oola Oolong: History tells us of a man named Wu Liang who discovered Oolong tea by accident when distracted after a long day picking tea. By the time he returned to his tea, it had already started to oxidize and at that moment a new variety of tea was founded. At Oola, we don’t believe in accidents. You will understand what we mean when you experience the healthy vibrant glow from this organic Oola Oolong blend. The full, toasty and warming aroma will awaken your senses and remind you that everything happens for a reason. Paired with grapefruit essential oil.*

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