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Looking for the perfect gift for tea lovers? Want it all but don’t know where to start? The OolaTea Sampler Box is the way to go! The OolaTea Sampler Box includes 9 of our best-selling OolaTea flavors, with 5 individual whole-leaf sachets for each flavor. Our sampler includes a wide selection of certified organic tea that will appeal to anyone.


  • ENERGY - Peppermint Rush: With the first sip, this bold combination creates a multi-sensory rush to invigorate the body and support the energy necessary to seize the day.

  • DETOX - Dragon Clove: Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and amino acids, this organic blend is ideal for those seeking better health, wellness and balance in an unbalanced world.

  • PEACE - Cinnamon Chai: The perfect tea to curl up with next to a fire or wind down with after a long day.

  • SLEEP - Citrus Chamomile: Delicious, calming and naturally caffeine-free, this is the perfect tea to help unwind after a busy day and regain balance in your life.

  • HEART SMART - Berry Hibiscus Passion: We set out to create a tea specifically formulated to keep your heart strong and healthy. From it’s hue, smell and first sip, you will feel our heart for you in this proprietary Heart Smart herbal blend.

  • BOOST - Berry Brûlée: This organic strawberry and blackberry black tea will provide the necessary boost to clear your mind and prepare your body for the tasks at hand.

  • MARRAKESH - Moroccan Mint: This invigorating blend includes the highest quality green tea, rolled into small pellets resembling gunpowder and mixed with mint, that will awaken your spirit, brighten your day and prepare you for the adventure ahead.

  • EARL GREY - Bergamot Black: An excellent source of natural energy. By infusing this Earl Grey base with bergamot essential oil, you hold in your hand the healthy fuel you need to face the world and go make your OolaLife happen.

  • GLOW - Oola Oolong: The full, toasty and warming aroma will awaken your senses and remind you that everything happens for a reason.


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