CBD Tea | RELIEF - Passion Green Tea + CBD (7 sachets)

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Includes: 7 individual loose leaf pyramid sachets

CBD Relief combines the power of green tea, eleuthero root and 10mg of water-soluble CBD to support your muscles and joints. This delightfully smooth CBD tea blend is packed with antioxidants and formulated to allow you to pursue your passion and dreams without limitations*.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Green tea, eleuthero root, calendula

Caffeine Level: 2/5

New to CBD? Read this before ordering.

CBD is currently unregulated. No dosing standards exist and, if you Google it, recommended intake for CBD is all over the board. In this case, start with less is more. If you are new to CBD, start with the CBD 28-day Protocol Kit to get the best results. Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy designed the CBD 28-day Protocol to ensure that your body's Endocanebanoid System (ECS) has ample time to become activated and bring your body into homeostasis. This is when you get maximum benefits and start to optimize health. The CBD Relief 28-day Protocol Kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • 4 Bags CBD Relief OolaTea
  • 1 Bag CBD Honey Pearls
  • 28-day protocol tracker so that you don't miss a day
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Overview of the CBD Relief 28-day Protocol

STEP 1: 7-DAY LOADING PHASE - Take 20mg of CBD per day for the first 7 days. Each CBD tea conveniently contains 10mg of water-soluble CBD. One CBD tea in the morning and one in the evening will provide the 20mg recommended dosage in the loading phase. Alternatively, you can add CBD Honey Pearls as a natural sweetener to your tea (or any food or beverage you choose). The goal is to get to 20mg of CBD per day for the first 7 days.

STEP 2: 21-DAY BUILDING PHASE - For the next 21 days, take 10mg of water-soluble CBD per day. One CBD tea contains 10mg of water-soluble CBD. Alternatively, you can add one packet of CBD Honey Pearls (contains 10mg of water-soluble CBD) as a natural sweetener to any food or beverage you choose. The goal is to get to 10mg/day for the next 21 days.

STEP 3: EVALUATE - After the 28-day protocol, you decide if CBD is a good fit for you. Adjust your dosage based upon response to the trial and desired affect. This will be your DAILY MAINTENANCE PHASE. Most daily users find between 10-20mg is enough to meet their health goals.

CBD Relief Lab Report

With the laws changing and the demand for CBD high, the CBD world has become hyped up and noisy. Quality matters. Bioavailability and absorption matters. When you see high quantities of CBD and ridiculously low prices in the marketplace, run away.  Stick with companies and brands you can trust. Good companies have spent the money and done the work to get their products 3rd party tested. Also, trustworthy companies are happy to share their independent lab tests confirming key consumer information like: less than 0.3% THC (ours came through with ND "none detected.") and accurate CBD levels. Here is our report for this product:

Save money and get better results with water-soluble CBD.

CBD is an oil in its natural form. Our bodies are mostly water. Our brains are 80% water, cells are 90% water, and our blood is 85% water. In short, oil and water don’t mix. The benefits of water soluble CBD (vs. oil) are many, but the 3 most notable are:

  1. Affordability: Quality CBD is expensive. Many CBD oil companies recommend daily dosage can cost $700 – $1500+ a month! The reason they recommend so much CBD is because much of that CBD oil is not being absorbed (in some studies, as little as 6%) and is being passed through the body. Water-soluble CBD increases bioavailability which increases absorption, thereby reducing the dosage and cost to you.
  2. Efficacy: Increased bioavailability means increased absorption. Greater absorption means less CBD is required to get the desired effect.
  3. Taste: To many individuals, CBD oil has a foul and unpleasant taste. Water-soluble CBD is tasteless and odorless. By infusing water-soluble CBD into OolaTea, all you will taste is the amazing flavor of the perfectly paired natural tea blend.

CBD OolaTea will always be water-soluble for these reasons.

What is bioavailability and why does it matter?

Bioavailability is the #1 thing that vitamin companies, pharmaceutical companies, nutraceutical & supplement companies work diligently to improve. In short, it doesn’t matter how much of a dietary supplement that you ingest. What matters is the amount you absorb and make available to your body. With the high cost of quality, this is especially true with CBD. Improved bioavailability means greater absorption. Greater absorption means more of the health benefits of CBD find their way into your body at a fraction of the dose of many of the CBD oils.


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move better, feel better and live better in just 5 minutes a day

Key Ingredients

CBD Relief combines the power of green tea, eleuthero root and 10mg of water-soluble CBD to support your muscles and joints. This delightfully smooth blend is packed with antioxidants and formulated to allow you to pursue your passion and dreams without limitations*.

Organic Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. When we set out to create CBD RELIEF, we knew that this first ingredient would be the base for this amazing CBD OolaTea blend. 

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero root is an adaptogen, which means it's a generally well-tolerated herb that mediates the stress response. When you are not in a state of RELIEF, most likely you are feeling stressed. Supporting your body's ability to relax and calm down is essential.

Water-soluble CBD

10mg of our proprietary water-soluble CBD to support your journey to a life of less stress and more balance*.

Complete Ingredient List: Green tea, eleuthero root, calendula

Getting Relief Naturally

As Natural Health Care providers with over 30 years of combined experience treating patients, we know the effects that pain can have on the body - especially chronic pain. There are many things you can do naturally to work with finding relief. If you are currently working with your physician, please consult with them before adding any of these to you home treatment.

1. Diet: When looking for pain relief from a new injury or from chronic conditions such as arthritis or degenerative conditions, an anti-inflammatory diet is a great place to start. Replace sugary, processed and packaged foods with natural, whole foods. Healthy fats, low-glycemic index carbs, clean proteins and a good mix of vegetables are great foods to fill your plate and nourish your body. Additionally, add in green tea 2-3 times/day and 1 serving of CBD Relief tea.

2. Chiropractic: Chiropractic care has become mainstream over the last several decades for people looking for pain relief. Chiropractic care mainly focuses on bringing the body into homeostasis (balance) by aligning the spine and taking pressure off of the nervous system. When looking for a Chiropractor to help you get relief, start by asking your friends and family who may already be under care and also look at reviews. When you start care, follow your chiropractor's treatment protocol and give it 4-6 weeks to evaluate if the treatment is beneficial.

3. Massage: When a body is stressed by inflammation and pain, muscles will become tight and trigger points can form. Also, the pain cascade can start from an acute injury to a muscle or chronic muscle imbalances from poor posture and/or repetitive motions. Massage therapy works great for managing and alleviating pain from muscular origin. 

4. Essential Oils: We are big fans of essential oils and have used them for years for many different reasons. Some oils, like peppermint, have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties, so they are great choices if you are suffering from chronic pain. Oils, such as lavender, have sedative properties that work to induce relaxation. If you are looking to use essential oils, use high quality oils from a company like Young Living essential oils.

5. Drink water: Your body is 60% water, your muscles are 75% water and your nervous system is up to 80% water. So, water is a big part in helping your body function normally, move towards homeostasis and find relief. Staying fully hydrated also helps to flush out toxins which can spark inflammation and improve overall circulation which moves healing properties throughout your body.

6. Stretching: Stay flexible. As we age our muscles get less pliable and flexible which can lead to joint stress and pain. Our repetitive lifestyles can also lead to shorten tight muscles, nerve pressure and pain as well. Take 15-20 minutes to stretch daily. If you think inflexibility is a root cause of your pain, consider adding weekly yoga classes into your relief protocol.

7. Movement: The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the more inactive we become - and inactivity can lead to muscle weakness and pain. Movement is life. Movement is the key to help increase your circulation, activate your lymphatics and activate natural pain killing hormones. Move everyday. Set an alert to get up from your desk every 30-40 minutes and move. Download an app on your phone that tracks your movement and set some daily movement goals. Join a gym. Take your dog for a walk. Go play with the kids in the backyard. It doesn't matter what kind of movement you choose, just decide and move your body to find relief.

One bag gives one meal

Every bag of OolaTea purchased provides one meal to a child in need around the world through our Rice Bowls partnership.

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