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Certified organic teas specifically formulated for essential oil infusion.


What is OolaTea?

OolaTea is a collection of premium loose-leaf organic teas specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils. All of our teas meet the rigorous standards to be certified organic and are blended to promote a life of optimum balance and vitality.


Improved Health

Certified organic to provide you with a healthy option for your daily routine.


Essential difference

Organic tea specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils* to create a one-of-a-kind tea experience.

* Essential oils not included. Use only verified consumable essential oils.


Giving Back

Every bag of OolaTea purchased provides one meal to a child in need through our Rice Bowls partnership.


Upcoming Flavors

All new subscribers will receive our Welcome Box for Month 1 which includes our two most popular blends - ENERGY (Peppermint Rush) and DETOX (Dragon Clove). You will then hop on with everyone else and be the first to experience the new blends for the following month.


DEFENSE: Turmeric Ginger

Your immune system is your frontline defense for our modern world. We share workspaces, devices, and are surrounded by processed foods. Our to-do lists are long and our time is short. This fast-paced and interactive lifestyle can take a toll. That's why we created DEFENSE, with its perfect blend of turmeric, ginger, allspice, and everything nice. From the exotic aroma to the very last sip, this spicy full-flavored blend is specifically formulated for immune system support. Want to "up" your DEFENSE? Infuse each cup with a clove-based essential oil to give this herbal blend an extra kick. Paired with a clove-based essential oil.*

CLARITY: Ginkgo Biloba

Gingko Biloba has been known for centuries to enhance memory by increasing oxygen-rich blood flow to the brain. Black tea is associated with improving mental cognition and boosting concentration. What if you could experience the benefits of both in one amazing tea? Introducing CLARITY. Enjoy the subtle hint of raspberries and blueberries with strawberry undertones while you study for the big exam, focus to finish that work project, or just need clarity to tackle your day. Paired with lemon essential oil.*




COZY: Cinnamon Coconut Allure

Your eyes are fixated on the warm hue of orange and red splashed across the horizon as the sun sets over the ocean. Your mind is clear as your body is wrapped in your favorite oversized blanket. You are COZY, and life is good. COZY should be enjoyed every day and not just on vacation. This caffeine-free herbal blend combines the warmth of cocoa and coconut with a spark of ginger and cinnamon to offer you a moment of COZY whenever you want it. Add a couple drops of cinnamon bark essential oil and take your COZY to the next level. Paired with cinnamon bark essential oil.*

INDULGE: Mint Chocolate Chip

INDULGE is a guilt-free, zero-calorie dessert tea created to please your sweet tooth while warding off sugar cravings and suppressing your appetite. Enjoying this tea, with its subtle hint of chocolate and refreshing aroma of mint, will feel like an indulgence without the guilt of calories or sugar. INDULGE is a healthy option packed with vital antioxidants and nutrients to help your body look and feel your best. By adding a single drop of peppermint essential oil, your mind drifts to childhood with memories of sharing mint chocolate chip ice cream with family and friends. Paired with peppermint essential oil.*


COFFEE BREAK: Chocolate Herbal Infusion

Is your daily drive-thru coffee addiction taking its toll on your body and wallet? Are you looking for a less acidic, less expensive, less caffeinated way to feed your craving? Introducing COFFEE BREAK - a robust, flavor-rich, organic herbal tea. Yerba Mate, the natural energy drink from South America, provides the balanced energy required to keep you alert and pushing through your day. We blended in just enough chocolate to leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. The addition of licorice root and fennel promote relaxation and improved gut health as you take a break from the acidity of coffee. Add two drops of cinnamon bark essential oil and the aroma will keep you coming back. Welcome to your COFFEE BREAK. Paired with cinnamon bark essential oil.*

BLACK CITRUS: Spiced Orange Delight

This simple blend, composed of the highest quality organic black tea and organic orange peel, results in a complex and pallet-pleasing flavor. The aroma will take your senses on a trip through the fresh scent of orange orchards and the crisp beauty of the exotic tea fields that blanket the foothills of Asia. Naturally rich in antioxidants, BLACK CITRUS is a healthy way to start your day or the perfect option when looking for a natural energy boost. Add in the recommended orange essential oil to delight your senses and enhance this unique tea drinking experience. Paired with orange essential oil.*


Monthly Subscriptions:

Monthly subscriptions are automatically billed $29.99 on the 21st of each month ($27 box price + $2.99 shipping), and your subscription box will be shipped out on the 3rd of the following month. If you sign up for the monthly subscription before the end of the month, your first box will be shipped on the 3rd of the next month and you will be billed again on 21st of that next month for your following box.

Example: Purchased subscription on 7/1, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 
Example: Purchased subscription on 7/28, you will be billed again on 8/21. First box shipped on 8/3. 


Subscriber Benefits:

  • Experience 2 new OolaTea blends each month

  • Receive 20% off all individual orders

  • $2.99 fixed-rate shipping on subscription boxes

  • 1 OolaGoal sticker/month

  • 2 DIY recipes/month

  • Each subscription box provides 2 meals to a child in need

  • Unsubscribe at anytime

Individual orders:

Have you discovered your OolaTea favorites and want to reorder? Would you like to try out our teas before you sign up for the monthly subscription? Browse our complete available inventory of certified organic teas. Don't forget... if you're a monthly subscriber, apply your exclusive 20% off code at checkout to save on your purchase.


We are committed to one goal:

Promoting better health by providing the finest tea blends specifically formulated for essential oil infusion.

Each of our tea blends are hand-picked and proprietary - meaning you won't find them on the grocery store shelf or at your local tea shop. The extra effort to create our own proprietary blends, and to register them "certified organic," has been taken to ensure that each tea is precisely formulated for essential oil infusion. This results in a one-of-a-kind tea experience, providing you and your family a healthy option to promote a life of optimum balance and vitality.



Every bag of OolaTea purchased provides one meal to a child in need.

You can feel good knowing that every bag of OolaTea you purchase provides one meal to a child in need through our Rice Bowls partnership. Rice Bowls believes that providing healthy food is a beginning step to see an orphaned child's life changed. Covering an orphanage's food costs allows orphanage directors to better focus on nurturing, protecting, instructing, and loving the children in their care.

Thanks to you, we are able to be a small part of something really big in the lives of the children in need.